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Welcome to CHS MyLife Benefits

We all play a part in serving our communities and keeping people healthy. It is this drive to help people and make a meaningful impact that unites us. We believe your benefits should make a difference, too, for you and your family.

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Your CHS MyLife Benefits make all the difference. They are a flexible source of life-changing and powerful programs. Your needs will evolve over the years, so we provide a variety of benefits that fit your changing life.

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MyLife means the freedom to choose what is right for you.
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We are committed to taking care of our employees and giving you the tools to care for you and your family. When used together, our full suite of health-related benefits provide a powerful path to a healthy life.

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Tomorrow is as important as today. We prepare our employees for a secure future with benefits that help you and your family save and prepare for what comes next.

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We are there for all of life's moments-big and small. From protecting you through critical illness and accident insurance, to helping you save money with discounts on the things you need, we offer added benefits to give you an advantage in your life.

Key Information

Quantum Health

Quantum Health Care Coordinators help you with simplifying your healthcare benefits experience.

Member Portal

Set up your Quantum Health Member Portal and select Register. Provide the information requested. Anything with an asterisk(*) is required. A verification code will be sent to your choice of phone or email address. Enter the verification code.

Call a Care Coordinator

866.952.0353 Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Central Time.

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Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play and download the Quantum Health app.

Qualifying Life Events

The benefits you elect for the 2024 plan year during your enrollment period cannot be changed unless you have a Qualifying Life Event. If you or your dependent(s) have a Qualifying Life Event, you must notify the Benefits Service Center online or by phone within 30 days of the event. Qualifying Life Events are generally effective the first of the month following the event, with the exception of the birth of child. Be sure to include your required life event and dependent verification documents.

Qualifying Life Events Include:
  • Marriage or divorce
  • Death of a spouse or dependent
  • Gain or loss of custody of a child
  • Change in a spouse's employment status that causes a loss or gain in medical, dental or vision coverage for you and your dependents
  • Change in your employment status
  • You or your dependents become eligible for Medicare/Medicaid
  • Newborns Must Be Added to Your Coverage

Coverage for newborns begins on the date of the child's birth. To add a newborn to your coverage, you must notify the Benefits Service Center by contacting 855.874.6792 or through the Benefits Enrollment System within 30 days of the birth. For birth or adoption information details, refer to the Summary Plan Description (SPD) available on the Reference Center. If you do not fulfill this notification requirement, you must wait for 2025 Annual Enrollment to make changes unless you experience a new, Qualifying Life Event.

Go to Benefits Enrollment and Information and follow the login prompts to get started. Or, download the MyChoice Mobile app on the Apple App Store or Google Play. If you want online assistance, use Live Chat.

Eligibility and Surcharges

New Hire and Newly Eligible Employees

To take advantage of all CHS MyLife Benefits has to offer, you must enroll within 30 days of your effective date of coverage. Log into the Benefits Enrollment System and follow the login prompts to get started. New hire coverage begins on the first day of the month following employment. Newly Eligible coverage also begins on the first day of the month following change in status.

If you are a new hire/newly eligible employee and you DO NOT enroll, you will be automatically enrolled in only those benefits fully paid by your employer. All full-time employees eligible for the Voluntary Long-Term Disability program will also be automatically enrolled.

Note: Eligible employees must be regularly scheduled to work a minimum of 20 hours per week. New hire/newly eligible coverage begins the first day of the month following employment or the date of the status change.


Please take action during enrollment to certify these surcharges below.*

Tobacco/Nicotine Surcharge

Tobacco and nicotine use is the leading cause of preventable death and disease in the U.S. To promote the health of our employees, if you or your spouse are enrolled in the CHS MyLife Benefits Medical Plan and use tobacco or nicotine products, you will pay a surcharge each pay period. You may be able to receive a refund for this surcharge by completing a free Tobacco Cessation Program.

Spousal Medical Coverage Surcharge

If your spouse has the option to elect medical coverage through their employer, but is enrolled in the CHS MyLife Benefits Medical Plan, you will pay a surcharge each pay period.

*For participating facilities

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Legal Spouse and Dependent Verification Requirements

If you add dependents to your medical plan, you are required to submit documentation that verifies the dependent meets the plan's eligibility requirements. Dependent verification documentation must be received within 45 days of your enrollment date or the Annual Enrollment deadline. If not received by the deadline, your dependents will not be covered and will not be eligible to be added to your benefits until the next Annual Enrollment period or when a Qualifying Life Event occurs.

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Legal Spouse
  • Marriage certificate with date of marriage

  • The first page of your most recently filed tax return with your spouse listed. Strike through or cover up financial information.
Child Under 26 Years of Age
  • Your child's birth certificate naming you as parent or, for children under 6 months of age, hospital documentation of the birth date
  • Your stepchild's birth certificate naming your spouse as parent AND your marriage certificate.
  • Your child's adoption certificate naming you as parent or court papers showing adoption or placement for adoption.
  • Your foster/guardianship of child's parent/child relationship paperwork.
Disabled Child Over 26 Years of Age
  • Disabled child's Social Security Administration income statement.
  • Disabled dependent documentation that shows total incapacity prior to age 26.

* There may be other documents that are acceptable forms of verification. These can be found on the Reference Center. Click "Benefits Enrollment and Information" and follow the login prompts to get started.

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Transparency in Coverage Rule

The Transparency in Coverage Rule is designed to allow price information for health care more transparent for consumers.

Looking for Help?

If you have questions about the enrollment process or need help logging into the Benefits Enrollment System, contact 855.874.6792 Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. Central Time.


You must complete the enrollment process and re-certify the status on you and/or your spouse's tobacco use and spousal medical coverage information (if it applies to you). In addition, you must re-enroll in Flexible Spending Accounts. If you do not, you will miss out on key benefit coverage until Annual Enrollment next fall unless you have a Qualifying Life Event. If you choose not to participate in Annual Enrollment, your current medical, dental, and vision benefits will remain active for the 2024 plan year.